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New Panel/Siding

  The range of new custom milled siding and paneling we supply continues to expand every year.  Our Alaska Yellow Cedar is increasingly being utilized by Architects and Builders as an inside/outside panel and siding because of its beauty and exceptional durability.

As siding and soffit material Alaska yellow Cedar is happy to be left to weather to a beautiful powder gray, stained or used as a stable substrate for painting, especially on traditional homes. Our Eastern White Pine is also a standout choice for siding but especially for soffit paneling. As indoor paneling, EW Pine is beautiful as stained panel for contemporary and traditional homes alike. It is also an economical, stable substrate for painted paneling.

Our Bald Cypress is a most attractive choice for stained siding because of the character of its grain. Lastly, we specialize in supplying higher grades of Western Woods  such as Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar and Hemlock in Clear and Clear Vertical Grain grades.

Reclaimed Sinker Cypress Panel/Siding

  Southern Panel & Decking supplies a wide variety of Reclaimed Paneling & Siding. We source River Reclaimed (Sinker) Cypress and Long Leaf Pine from a wonderful supplier in northern Florida. Sinker Cypress is generally 400 to 600 years old and extremely rot resistant.

Sinker LL Pine, while also very old, is not recommended for exterior use. These materials are available in Select and #2 & Better grades and can be custom milled to your desired profile. Widths are generally 4” to 8” (wider pieces may be available with longer lead times).  We also have great wholesalers in the Ohio Valley for antique barn material such as barn siding and brown board. We can deliver these material sorted and de-metaled if desired.

Reclaimed Antique Barn Panel/Siding

We can supply antique barn panel/siding in a mixture of different hardwood species such as elm, maple, and pine. widths can range from 4″ to 16″. Lengths can range from 6′ to 18′
antique panel is fumigated before shipping to get rid of any harmful insects.

Decks, Docks and Boardwalks

  Our Alaska Yellow Cedar is the perfect durable domestic solution for decks, pedestrian docks and boardwalks. Our stock 2 x 6 Tight Knot AYC can be left untreated to weather to a beautiful powder gray patina. Other sizes, profiles and grades can be custom milled to meet your specifications.

Red Grandis is another option for decking if a denser hardwood is desired. For discerning clients that want to use a reclaimed material, our Sinker Cypress can be milled from 4/4 or 5/4 stock to decking profile. Widths can be 4” to 6”. For Porch Decks we can also provide 100+ year old Oak or Eastern Hemlock Threshing Floor boards in 2” +/- thicknesses…we can back plane to a consistent depth.

Structural Decking

We offer a wide variety of Structural T&G Decking for both residential and commercial projects. Species available include Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Alaska Yellow Cedar and Western Hemlock in both solid stock and laminated decking. Thicknesses available in 2”, 3” and 4” and laminated decking is end-matched.

Grades are Knotty Appearance, Mixed Grain Clear and Vertical Grain (we have the choice in Douglas Fir of providing a Wider Grain Vertical Grain which is a very cost effective VG option). Where budgets are very tight we also sell 2 x 6 T&G Tight Knot European Spruce.

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