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Alaska Yellow Cedar

Alaska Yellow Cedar, not a true Cedar, is a member of the Cupressaceae Family which also includes the Redwood, Sequoia, Bald Cypress and Juniper species. The currently accepted botanical name is Chamaecyparis nootkatensis. This species is native to the Pacific Northwest and has long been used on fine wood projects. Besides applications discussed below it has been widely used for boat building, bleacher seats, marine dock structural pilings, etc. Significant quantities are exported to Japan for traditional temple construction.

Prized for its combination of strength, beauty and exceptional resistance to decay, Alaska Yellow Cedar is perfectly suited for siding, paneling, patio decking and docks as well as for exposed exterior timbers and shingles and shakes. Because of its slow growth and tight grain (up to 80 rings per inch) it is dimensionally stable and even in a green product has little shrinkage. It strength is approximately 90% of Douglas Fir which allows it to be used for structural timber applications. Although timber stock is supplied green, we generally kiln dry 1 and 2 inch material. No matter the application, its endurance in exposed locations is exceptional.

AYC material is available in three different grades: Tight Knot, Mixed Grain Clear and Vertical Grain Clear. Available finishes are Smooth (planed), Re-Sawn and Rough Sawn. Re-sawn has less “tooth” than rough-sawn but has the advantage of clean cosmetics (no weathering or sticker marks) and precise dimensions. Compared with other decay resistant species, Alaska Yellow Cedar has a very fine grain texture and is not brittle like Western Red Cedar and Redwood and is not prone to splintering. It is heavier, stronger and much more decay resistant than true Cedars.  Janka hardness rating is 580 vs. 350 for Western Red Cedar and 540 for poplar.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar with Natural Weathered Finish

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