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Red Grandis

Red Grandis is one of our newer offerings and is a plantation grown hardwood imported from Paraguay…the ultimate sustainable wood. The accepted botanical name is Eucalyptus grandis. It is a fast growing species and is virtually knot free.

Prized for its combination of beauty and durability, Red Grandis is perfectly suited for decking and siding as well as for timbers.  It is dimensionally stable and accepts stain well. Red Grandis is most available in 4/4, 5/4 and 6/4 and is kiln dried. Widths can be produced up to 8”. Lengths are 9’ and 13’ and siding and decking can be custom milled to meet any design requirement.

Red Grandis material is available in only one grade: Clear FAS. Available finishes are Smooth (planed) and bleached (shown below). Janka hardness rating is 720 vs 800 for Teak.

Bleaching Finish

The stain on the red grandis is a result of using zinsser bleaching oil to take away the light red color and give a light cream color.

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