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Bald Cypress

Bald Cypress is one of our favorite species and is native to the Gul Coast from east Texas to Southern Maryland. The accepted botanical name is Taxodium distichum. We have multiple suppliers across the South for this species but generally obtain it from our source in Louisiana because of their willingness to work with us on more difficult milling and grading packages.

I always feel obligated to highlight the fact that most Cypress marketed today is second and third growth material and does not have significant quantities of the Cypressine Oil which made the Old Growth Cypress so durable from a rot perspective. New Cypress must be protected just like Pine and Fir when used as a siding material.

Prized for its combination of beauty and stability, Bald Cypress is perfectly suited for siding and paneling as well as for timbers. It is dimensionally stable and accepts stain well. We typically supply this species as 1” material but can supply 2” material if needed. A 1x and 2x Cypress material is kiln dried. Widths can be produced up to 12” and siding and paneling can be custom milled to meet any design requirement.

Bald Cypress material is available in multiple grades: Select (virtually clear) and #2 & Better (small tight knots). We can supply a sorted #1 Grade upon request. Available finishes are Smooth (planed) and Rough Sawn. Janka hardness rating is 510 vs. 350 for Western Red Cedar and 580 for Alaska Yellow Cedar.

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